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Soul in Isolation
Soul in Isolation

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PostSubject: Any News - VERY IMPORTANT POST?   Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:54 pm there any news?? Anyone...basically? Are there any plans for a Second Skin gig anywhere (Liverpool would be a crackerlackiningly good idea...I'm happy to travel anywhere really but not daft places like the Acropolis (not the chippie in Ormskirk)). the same breath any news on any Coconut DF gigs...oop North? Oh go on then, while I'm here....
1) If anyone is familair with Chameleons songs that aren't already posted in Ultimate Guitar under chords PLEASE do's taking me forever to work anything out
2) Does anyone know if Reg can be commissioned for artwork?
3) Does anone know where I can download Dolphin off of the Sun And The Moon (Full bleedin track - don't mind paying OR should I just buy a cheap USB turntable and convert all my vinyl stuff that way?
4) Would it be worth setting up a Chams fund to pay for some hypno guru like Paul Mckenna to relinquish the Chams from all prior non musical knowledge in order to GET THE FUCK BACK TOGETHER and build up a following that WOULD happen in the hands of someone of someone that MUST know the score and get the RIGHT gigs?
5) Oh sweet Jesus, I went into work listening to Tears in the car and I just think ...the same as any other fucker reading this...of course...1950 was 60 years ago and we'd be hard pushed to name 10 acts. We live here, we live now...let us entertain and be entertained while we live regardless of time and's not like future recordings/happenings can't happen because the best tambourine player in the band was essential and just so happens to be a Moors Murderer - Which ever person can make a call it.
Hey ho
'We were younger then and the days were longs and slow...'
(and so not to upset Dave....)
'poweeerineeoww, bladingingyoweoweeowneeahhhhhhhh ...' (you see, this matches the above lyrics)
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PostSubject: Re: Any News - VERY IMPORTANT POST?   Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:33 am

I apologize for being away so long. I've been working a heeeeeell of a lot. Anyway, I can put my 2 cents in Smile

1) Not that I know of! There are a lot of guitar tab websites out there, but I don't think very many of them have chams tunes if at all. I think your best bet would be to ask someone who knows how to play them already..

2) Email him?

3) I could ask Mark if he

4) errrr...I don't think that would work Razz

5) I'm not entirely sure what youre saying on this one?

sorry I cant be of more help!

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