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This is a forum for all you Chameleons fans out there..Sit back and have some fun!
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 Forum Rules - Please read!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules - Please read!   Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:21 pm

This forum is for discussion of everything related to The Chameleons and its members. There is an off topic section on the forum homepage for anything non-Chameleons related. Please do everyone a favour and abide be these few simple rules:

1) Stay on topic. Post in the appropriate section to keep the board organized. If you aren't sure where to post a topic, post it in the section you feel it belongs and let us know you're not sure. That way, if we have to move it, you won't have to be spoken to about it.

2) Absolutely, positively NO trolling, flaming, or disrespectful comments. Keep it respectful. If the moderators feel you are trolling or being disrespectful you will be warned and your post deleted. If you are a repeat offender we will not hesitate to ban you.

3) If you have an opinion about a certain thing or person, don't express it with namecalling or accusations which lack proof. We don't want baseless opinions here on this board. And again, if you're being disrespectful about it, you will be reprimanded.

Follow these 3 simple rules and we can all get along and be happy!
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Forum Rules - Please read!
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