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 Sub 61 gig

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PostSub 61 gig


What a night.

Well we started the night off having a beer and some food at Frankie and Bennies, so 8 goffs scared everyone in there, which was highly amusing.

Got to Sub 61 in time to see The 66, who were actually quite good too.

I text Tony to find out where all the guys were as normally they are out and about in the venue, but apparently they were in walkabout having a pint and watching the City match.

The band came on but where was Mark? Steve called him over to the stage but he still did not appear, the crowd were getting abit tetchy too by this time as it was well after 10.15pm.

I'd stationed myself at my normal spot, right at the front. Got a set listing off Tony (I like to be fuly aware of whats coming on! LOL! I'm too impatient to wait and HAVE to know exactly when Second skin is going to be played)

Well Mark finally came on stage and I must admit I thought eh up! Mark looked abit worse for wear, many a pint or two too many in the pub watching city, his voice was also not at its best as he had a sore throat!

Opening was Swamp Thing! And the place was bouncing. One critisim I have of the venue is of the stage, there were no barriers so as the crowd surged forward, there was nothing to homd on to, so consequently I have very bruised and sore knees as everytime the crowd pushed I cracked them on the edge of the knee high stage. Mark also had a bit of trouble with the mic stand slipping off the stage, so I was holding the mic stand and trying tp stop myslef being pushed over at the same time, Im so getting too old for mosh pits LOL!

Set list was

Swamp Thing
A person
Thursdays childPerfume garden
Dalis Picture
Soul in isolation
On the beach
In shreds
I'll remember
Second Skin

Dont Fall
Splitting in 2 (with guest appearance from the one and only Tony Skinkis)

Imanaged to stay at the front until Brittania but it was getting a bit wild for me and as I knew In shred was coming on next I retreated to the sde of the stage with Tony, and am I glad I did, it was manic! The crowd were wild! Totally brilliant, Mark ended up in the crowd singing at one point too.

Poor John was really suffering with his back and for a couple of songs Tony went and gave him some support, what I love about watching John perform is his facial expressions, and the fact that throughout the songs he is yelling 'Fuck off, Piss Off, Bastards' over and over again. Its worth going to a gig just to see that!!!!! There was an awkward moment when it looked like John wasnt going to be able to perform Splitting in 2, but I think the crowd chanting 'LEVER, LEVER, LEVER' helped him get through it.

We have seen the guys 7 times in the past 6 months, in various guises (second skin, Burgess and Bushart, Chameleons Vox) and have to say that this has to be THE gig of the year for me, the atmosphere was electric, and although Mark didnt sound at his best due to sore throat, and maybe the Bushart guys dont play exactly the same as The Chameleons, the whole evening was fantastic and the atmosphere and the crowd were amazing.

It felt like a private party, there were so many people I know there, and some that I know only through Facebook and on here who I finally got to meet, I felt like I spent most of the night mingling with good friends.

Only one person was missing and Im so sad you couldnt be there Lydia, but I cheered extra loudly for you, and gave Mark the kiss on the cheek as requested.

this fantasy's for you!
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Re: Sub 61 gig
Post on Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:20 am  Lydia
Thanks for the great blog post Helen. And thanks for cheering for me! I was so bummed I couldnt be there. But next time mark plays in england, whenever that may be, I WILL BE THERE!!!! Very Happy
Re: Sub 61 gig
Post on Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:31 am  lilaclunar
oooh also forgot to say how cheap the alcohol was at the vnue £1.50 a pint or a short and have now discovered my new favorite drink ever............... although cant remember the name, I think it was Passoa or something like that, if anyone knows what its called and where I can get some please let me know LOL
Re: Sub 61 gig
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Sub 61 gig

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